Frequently Asked Questions

Our media assets behave like torus of a chain that links with the other in line, making them integral to the environment they are located in. They are interconnected via remote content managing system that allows equivalent screen time and exposure of ads simultaneously on all displays creating a network. Further, the network can be customized and integrated with cross-platform synergies, like mobile, social and open data instances to maximize communication and audience interaction.

Your consumer today is on the move like never before and is exposed to multiple media and formats. The accepted form of media visibility is now being challenged extensively and is on the crossroads of evolution. While the media is converging, audience attention is fragmenting. In essence, it’s the audience, who is pushing the limits of accessibility making the traditional approach redundant and un-actionable. Our network is an integrated system, which connects with other relevant platforms and technologies to achieve and amplify the desired outcome. With open data and other sources of real-time information, your ads ability to go the extra mile is organically improved.

YODA is Rapiid’s proprietary self-trained Machine Learning program that uses computer vision and image analysis to track and monitor people and objects. It measures eyeballs and dwell time in addition to analyzing audience demography (Age & Gender) real-time. With the help of data immediacy on your audience, campaign efficacy, traction and overall measure can be used for informed decision making. Historic data on your campaign combined with microenvironment data could lead to targeting as desired.

We are across place based consumer environments, such as Corporate Parks / Business Centers and malls. Our present and upcoming media infrastructure focuses on creating environment complementing and uplifting assets.